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The Greater Toronto Water Garden & Horticultural Society (GTWGHS) is an organization that formed in the Spring of 1999 with a handful of enthusiastic water gardeners
who wish to promote the hobby of water gardening through the sharing of knowledge and experience.

It is a non-profit, volunteer-managed society of amateur water gardeners.

The Purpose of the Society is to introduce and educate the novice and experienced water gardener to all aspects of safe and healthy water garden practices,
through the exchange of ideas at meetings and newsletters, as well as interaction with the commercial and business world.

Meetings are held on Sunday afternoons and take place in Spring, Fall and Winter.
In the summer there is a Plant Sale and a Water Garden Tour.

Greater Toronto Water Garden and Horticultural Society
Banbury Community Centre
at 120 Banbury Road, North York, Toronto

Map to Banbury Community Centre

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If you would like to become a member
please print this form

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 At these meetings we have knowledgeable speakers, a question & answer session to share ideas and experiences, a plant table and refreshments.
Some meetings are held at a Nursery or at a private water garden.Membership is per calendar year
$20.00 for a single membership
or $25 for family membership, which is two persons of the same household.

For more information please call 416- 438- 4862 or 905 - 986- 0310
or email

  The Greater Toronto Water Garden & Horticultural Society is a non-profit organization
dedicated to promoting all aspects of safe water gardening.

We welcome new water gardeners keen to learn, experienced water gardeners eager to share,
commercial growers, hybridizers, botanical garden and college professionals, hobbyists with wide ranging experience,
aquatic plant specialists, fish specialists, manufacturers of water garden products
and others who appreciate the delights of water in the landscape.

The GTWGHS is one of over 270 societies which make up the Ontario Horticultural Association.
Our society is a member within O.H.A. District 5.


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